Recent Enhancements to OfficeMA Timesheet

We have recently updated OfficeMA Timesheet with a few new features and enhancements:

Timesheet Timer

We have added a timesheet timer that you can use to track the exact time spent on current tasks. To launch the timer simply click on the timer icon on the toolbar.

When the Timer window launches select the task, enter some notes (optional) then hit the ‘Start Timer’ button. Once the timer is started you can pause it or resume it as needed. When the task is done click the ‘Stop Timer’ button which will save the progress as a timesheet item. Please note that seconds are rounded half way up to a minute.

The timesheet item saved by the timer can be edited like any other timesheet entry on the ‘Update Timesheet Window’.

Timesheet Entry in Hours & Minutes

OfficeMA Timesheet stores minutes as decimal fractions of an hour. Previously, if you wanted to enter 1 hour and 15 minutes into OfficeMA Timesheet you had to enter this as 1.25 hours. 15 minutes is not too hard to convert into decimal hour, but if you wanted to enter 37 minutes for example you had to work out the decimal equivalent. Luckily now you can simply enter hours and minutes separately in the ‘Update Timesheet’ window:

OfficeMA Timesheet uses the following conversion chart to convert minutes into decimal hours and vice versa.

The ‘Timesheet Overview’ report will continue to show minutes as decimal fractions of an hour:

The default value for the hours column and the default increment for the minutes column can be set by Administrators on the ‘Business Settings’ window by updating the following fields:

  • Timesheet Entry Minutes Increment,
  • and Timesheet Entry Default Hours.

Locking Previous Timesheet Entries for Limited Users

Administrators now have the ability to lock the editing of past timesheet entries for limited users. This can be controlled by setting the ‘Timesheet Editing Allowed Days‘ field in the ‘Business Settings’ window (above).

An empty value for the ‘Timesheet Editing Allowed Days‘ field means limited users can add, modify and delete their previous timesheet entries (this is the default setting). The OfficeMA timesheet week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, so as an example if we consider week commencing 19th August, if you enter a value of zero OfficeMA will lock any entries for this timesheet week on Monday 26th Aug. A value of 4 would allow editing entries for this week until Friday 30th August.

Task Enhancements

We’ve added a number of enhancements to the ‘Timesheet Task Details’ window:

  • You can now assign codes to tasks and OfficeMA Timesheet will show the code as part of the task name throughout the application.
  • There is now a ‘None‘ rate option if the task does not have a rate or if you do not wish to assign any rates for the task.
  • You can now assign tasks to users directly from the task window. This also provides a good way to find out all the users that are assigned a particular task.
Project Enhancements

Billing rate for projects now have a ‘Fixed Cost‘ option for fixed cost projects. You can also add budget details such as budgeted cost and budgeted hours to projects.

We are currently working on a brand new dashboard with charts that will highlight the actual expenditure versus the planned budget for projects. This feature will hopefully enable OfficeMA admin users to clearly visualise which projects are exceeding their budget. Stay tuned, this is coming soon…