OfficeMA Timesheet Mobile App

The OfficeMA Timesheet mobile app has arrived. The mobile app includes the timer feature which enables you start, pause and stop the timer on the move. To install the application follow the relevant link for your phone or simply scan the QR code with your phone.


Once you download and install the app, tab the app icon, after the splash screen you will be prompted to enter your OfficeMA Timesheet login details (first time only). Enter your login details and tab the ‘Log In’ button. Once you are logged in the home screen will show.


From here you can navigate to any of the app tabs.



Timesheet Timer

screen568x568 (1)

The Timer tab enables you to start, pause and stop the OfficeMA Timesheet timer. To refresh the timesheet tasks and to automatically populate the current place (location) simply tap the refresh button. The location will only be detected if the location feature is enabled in the Settings tab.


  • Task: The list of Timesheet tasks assigned to you.
  • Notes: Free text field for any notes.
  • Place: An optional location of where the task is performed. If the location feature is enabled, this field will be populated automatically with the current location when you tap the refresh icon. Note: you need to allow the app to use your mobile location service.
  • Start/Pause Timer: Starts or pauses the timer, this button will only be enabled if a timesheet task is selected.
  • Stop Timer: Stops the timer and saves the timersheet entry to your OfficeMA Timesheet account.
  • Reset Timer: Discard any unsaved timer progress.


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The Settings tab enables you to configure the various settings of the Mobile application.


  • Auto Detect: Enable or disable the location feature for the timesheet timer.


To logout of the application click the logout button, this will clear your stored login details and display the login screen.

My Details

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This tab shows the details of the current user.